Intelligent, efficient, and scalable security

HiveWatch is a cloud-based SaaS platform built for physical security teams to enhance their current security technologies. It streamlines incident response, allows for the consolidation of disparate programs and systems, and reduces false alarms.


HiveWatch customers report faster resolved incidents, fewer false alarms, and more efficient and effective operations.

Decrease costs while increasing efficiency


Reduce the amount of false positives coming from systems, allowing operators to become more proactive in responding to real alerts.


Optimize your view across disparate systems without the need to rip and replace legacy infrastructure.


Enable your workforce to operate more efficiently with the ability to onboard and train new users quickly. Uplevel roles and decrease repetitive tasks, creating longevity and opportunity for your teams.


Mitigate risk and increase security for your people, brand, and assets


Take responding to threats from reactive to proactive and ensure critical incidents are prioritized. Ensure security incidents are acted on in accordance with Service Level Agreements (SLAs).


Stop ignoring false alarms or turning off noisy sensors. Instead, automate device health monitoring to ensure all technologies are functioning properly.


Modernize communications between the operations center and the field to provide guards with situational context.


Scale and grow your organization


Optimize people, processes, and legacy systems to grow alongside the business with the power to rapidly integrate acquired security systems.


Understand the performance of your program and break down silos between teams with the ability to easily access and share data and metrics.


“When running a company, nothing is more important than your employees. Prioritizing their safety and security is imperative. You spare no expense to do so, but the reality is that software and hardware products serving the enterprise physical security market are woefully inadequate. They’re antiquated, disconnected from each other, and make responding to incidents impossibly slow. When we saw what Ryan was building with HiveWatch, we instantly saw the value and the future of smart physical security.”

Adam Bain

Former COO of Twitter and HiveWatch Investor

The HiveWatch Difference

HiveWatch works with your existing security systems to power your GSOC

Correlating multiple data points and sensors, HiveWatch is able to combine data from a company’sdisparate security systems.


With HiveWatch, you have the freedom to maximize any technology.


Connect existing infrastructures

The on-premise access control readers and video at each of your locations are connected to HiveWatch

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Store and

HiveWatch analyzes
and stores the

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See everything in

one place

Your GSOC sees all
of the information in a unified view

Freedom to maximize any technology

Solve for common security pitfalls


False alarm reduction


Health monitoring


Program insights & metrics


Budgeting & forecasting


Start doing more, with less.

HiveWatch Computer and Mobile

See HiveWatch in Action

Learn how HiveWatch can elevate your security programs and technology with one powerful, easy-to-use platform.