Add intelligence to your existing security program.

Bring together data from your disparate security systems into an intelligent modern interface.


Automate threat evaluation and display relevant multi-sensor data for alert response.

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Security Fusion Platform

HiveWatch is a Security Fusion Platform that uses multi-sensor resolution and machine learning to:
  • Ingest data from your existing security sensors
  • Consolidate feeds into a single workflow
  • Auto resolve false positives so operators can see alerts that truly require human attention
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We are a venture-backed, early-stage startup reinventing how enterprises approach physical security. Come join some of the best in brightest in the industry and be a part of the security industry revolution.

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Monthly Team Activities

In this environment it can be difficult to connect with your colleagues. That's why we have monthly activities to make sure we're getting together and having fun!

Family Covid Testing

Weird times call for weird benefits. You'll have limitless access to in-home Covid testing for you and your family as needed. 


Health Insurance & 401K

We've got you covered. We offer free health and life insurance and low cost employee paid dental and vision.

Monthly Wellness Stipend

We want to make sure that you're taking care of yourself. The wellness stipend is to spend on fitness and mental health. 

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