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Enabling intelligent physical security

The HiveWatch Security Fusion Platform™ is built for physical security teams to bring together data from their existing disparate security systems.


The OS of Physical Security

HiveWatch is a cloud-based Security Fusion Platform™ that works with your existing security systems to power your GSOC through Multi-sensor Resolution™

  • Requires no additional hardware
  • Ingest data from any security sensor
  • Allows you to consolidate programs and systems
  • Reduces false alarms and alert noise
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What Makes HiveWatch Different?

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Quick Deployment

Onboard your security program to HiveWatch in 30 days

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HiveWatch’s SaaS platform requires no additional hardware and no need to rip and replace current systems

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Communicate Effectively

Whether it’s with your field resources or security leadership, HiveWatch enables proactive and efficient communication

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Scale with Ease

Don’t worry about APIs, adding more people, or capital expenditures. HiveWatch was created to grow with your program

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Direct Customer Support

You won’t be going through integrators - you’ll be working directly with our first of its kind customer success team

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Security does scan't scale HiveWatch does

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Revolutionize How Organizations Keep People Safe

HiveWatch is focused on creating the true intersection of technology and security with best-in-class security, data science, and technology experts.

Join us in changing how companies keep their people safe.

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