Tailgate detection keeps critical areas safe

The HiveWatch® GSOC OS provides operators with something that access control alone can’t: the ability to confirm whether a tailgating incident has occurred. Tailgating, when one person badges through a restricted area and another person(s) follows through to gain access, can open up a business to potential threats. 

Alert GSOC operators in real-time


Operators receive instant alerts in the event of a tailgating incident with the ability to confirm using video data

Using the Guard Mobile App, operators can dispatch guarding resources to address tailgating incidents

Tailgate detection keeps restricted areas from unauthorized individuals


In areas of high value or compliance, even the smallest opportunity for unauthorized access is unacceptable, which means a strong security countermeasure is required


Restricted areas require additional security protection protocols – especially when a posted guard is not feasible for the organization. Tailgate detection becomes a force multiplier for GSOC operators.


Automated detection saves valuable time and resources

Traditionally, tailgating has been approached by using turnstiles, anti-tailgating detection hardware (sensors), or badge programming like anti-passback, but each of these have their own disadvantages

The HiveWatch® GSOC OS provides a less obtrusive countermeasure with the ability to quickly identify the tailgating and dispatch a response, all while using existing video and access control technology

Built-in tailgate detection saves valuable time for an operator who would have to watch multiple feeds and entryways to manually detect tailgating incidents while they’re occurring


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