HiveWatch Partner Program

Help your customers solve for some of the most common security pitfalls.

Better Together

At HiveWatch, our mission is to facilitate better communication and operations by empowering the modern security team (our customers) with data-forward insights and solutions. We extend this mission to our partners - people and organizations who are passionate about helping organizations reach their security goals, ultimately keeping their people, brand, and assets safe.

Grow Your Business

Why you should join the program


Solve Customer Challenges Become the hero when presenting HiveWatch as a solution.


Access to our team  We've got a team of physical security experts to help solve even the most challenging of customer pains or problems.


Intuitive Platform & UI We've got something your customers are going to be thanking you for.


Our customers love us And we know yours will too! (Proof here)


Resources Including training, sales materials, and marketing opportunities are provided to help expand your offerings and become even more valuable to your customers


Financial Incentives Generate a new source of revenue for your business.


HiveWatch Partner Community


We’re bringing together the brightest security minds to deliver the most effective physical security solutions. HiveWatch strives to create partnerships with other individuals and organizations who are looking to enable their customers, contacts, and peers to reach their security goals. This includes:

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Integration Partners

Empower other organizations to strengthen their current security technologies and efficiently solve all of their unique challenges

HiveWatch Computer and Mobile

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Learn how HiveWatch can elevate your security programs and technology with one powerful, easy-to-use platform.