A Virtual Global Security Operations Center

The vGSOC uses our own in-house state-of-the-art GSOC, powered by the HiveWatch® GSOC Operating System, and trained team to service organizations with limited security resources, or those looking to make changes/transitions to their existing programs.

HiveWatch team

Key Benefits


Save Money

The cost of creating and maintaining your own in-house GSOC could cost millions of dollars, and requires highly trained experienced personnel.

Quality of Service

Quality of Service

The tenure of HiveWatch’s virtual GSOC operators far exceeds those of other vendors, allowing them to really understand the account, and become educated in security’s best practices.

Recover Time

Recover Time

Start allocating time and resources toward more strategic projects ensuring that when incidents do happen, your team is ready.


“Switching to HiveWatch saved us $150-200K/year”

Sr. Manager of Global Physical Security at an American Gaming Company

What Features Does the vGSOC Have?

Risk Intelligence
Program Development
Duty of Care

Our vGSOC uses the HiveWatch® GSOC OS to oversee your existing access control systems, alarms, and video surveillance all in one place. By deploying our cloud-native solutions our veteran operators can instantly detect anomalies and fluctuations from all of your security sensors. Our vGSOC has the ability to dispatch guards, verify employee credentials before opening doors remotely, and provide access to emergency services in a crisis. The vGSOC will also keep on top of your device health so you’ll be alerted as soon as an issue is detected.

The vGSOC is open and staffed 24/7, 365 days a year, so you don't have to be on call on weekends and nights.

Risk intelligence

Take your security from reactive to proactive with our state-of-the-art tools and seasoned team of experts:

• Situational Awareness: Promptly receive up-to-date information and awareness of evolving critical incidents

• Social Media: utilizing open source information of multiple forms, our vGSOC uses social media to monitor and detect potential threats

• Travel Tracking: Prepare and care for your traveling employees with pre-travel briefings, safety checks in dangerous locations, and monitoring of local incidents

• Critical Communications: Notify your employees collectively during a critical incident to provide instructions or conduct welfare checks

program development

The HiveWatch team helps design and implement a custom program to complement each customer’s individual needs. Whether you’re a fast-moving company with limited resources, or one looking to make changes to your existing programs, HiveWatch allows you to create a safer, more productive environment for your business. HiveWatch offers incident management and investigations support to augment your internal teams.

duty of care

HiveWatch can support an organization’s commitment to their employees (including remote and distributed workforces) through situational awareness and social media monitoring, mass communications for critical incidents, travel guidance and safety, and COVID-19 safety.

HiveWatch Computer and Mobile

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