HiveWatch® Command Center

The HiveWatch® Command Center dramatically increases efficiency across your team, bringing together the management of dozens of applications, documents, vital information, and functions into a single platform.

Streamline communication for more efficient response


Facilitate guard-to-operator communications during critical incidents through the Guard Mobile App

Use the Emergency Communications Services feature to call local first responders and 911, automatically routed based on the incident address for faster response*

Visualize incoming data and the status of global facilities through the platform dashboard, which offers valuable insights into the status of your security program


Centralize the management of key best practices


Embedded Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) provide a centrally located, consistent place to store best practices and instructions for GSOC operators on how to respond to specific incidents


Both guards and GSOC operators can manually create incidents to ensure proper oversight and response protocols are being followed

See site snapshots within the platform that can be used to quickly look up vital information about sites
Use Guard Tours to facilitate ongoing coverage for field resources*
Site Snapshot

Easily scale your security program as needs change

As the business grows and other locations are added, devices can be easily incorporated to better manage incoming alarms

Bring disparate systems together when your business is ready with the functionality of the full HiveWatch® GSOC OS with the addition of access control, video surveillance cameras, and video management systems


*indicates additional costs associated

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Emergency Communications Services

Directly contact local 911 or emergency services dispatch, automatically routed by incident location, all within the HiveWatch® GSOC OS platform. 

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