Bring your security systems together for more visibility

Unify your disparate systems and harness the power of incoming data into a single, easy-to-use platform: The HiveWatch® GSOC OS. 

Don't rip and replace your existing systems


Bring multiple video and access control systems together into one unified platform

Quickly view active alarms with corresponding video and access control information within a single platform

Reduce the need to switch from system to system when responding to incidents


Optimize people, processes, and legacy systems to grow alongside the business with the power to rapidly integrate acquired and mismatched security systems


The consequences of disparate systems


Inability to achieve a streamlined workflow slows incident response time


Too many systems to manage can create stress and lead to burnout or even turnover for security analysts and GSOC operators

Delayed time to efficiency when staff needs to learn multiple systems
Difficulty scaling when systems won't "talk" to each other 

This is not a PSIM

PSIMs are often plagued with integration brittleness, cumbersome onboarding, and dated interfaces

PSIMs require substantial financial and human resources to upkeep with little benefit 

The HiveWatch® GSOC OS is a cloud-native platform that is rapidly deployed, highly scalable, and helps organizations orchestrate their security 


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