Unified physical security for evolving facilities

At its core, physical security is about keeping your facilities, and the people and assets inside of them, safe. As businesses grow, transform, and build, facility needs, along with security needs, change. HiveWatch allows facility teams to easily scale their physical security posture alongside the organization through a unified platform.

Easily scale as your organization grows


HiveWatch offers nearly unlimited scalability without the need to rip and replace legacy systems

Seamlessly incorporate existing and newly acquired systems – such as access control readers, video surveillance cameras, and alarm monitoring – at all your facilities, regardless of manufacturer

As a cloud-based, SaaS platform, multiple locations can be monitored simultaneously to provide an elevated level of security for facilities with room to grow


Use security data to drive better decision making


HiveWatch offers insights into areas of a facility where more incidents may occur, allowing managers to allocate resources accordingly


Quickly identify problems related to a distributed workforce without adding additional duties to the facilities team

Spend less money on field resources by leveraging program data to optimize response and oversight
Brainstorm against business interface with graphs and data

Optimize maintenance with security insights

Easily pinpoint and proactively address offline cameras and faulty access control readers through device health monitoring to streamline maintenance across a facility

Use incoming data about high-traffic areas to proactively manage maintenance schedules so that facilities can remain operational

Enhance facilities oversight with Guard Tours aimed at maintaining operations – such as temperature checks or safety concerns like water leaks in critical areas


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