Security doesn't have to be a cost center

There is typically a disconnect (and oftentimes a challenging relationship) between security and finance departments. No one disagrees that safety is a priority, but there are oppositions from an investment standpoint. 


Security is generally written off as a cost center, but with the HiveWatch® GSOC OS, finance teams can feel confident in its ROI.

Mitigate financial risk

Risk to the physical security of an organization is a risk to the company’s bottom line, creating a ripple effect across departments and affecting revenue 
Strategic investments in innovative security technology balances business goals with protection
security operator

Save budget through improved operational performance


Streamline operations, freeing up operators’ time to focus on more preventative and strategic initiatives


Reduction of false alarms means no additional headcount needed to address erroneous alarms and incidents


Unlock the ability to do more with current resources and save money over time 


Establish financial efficiency

No need to go through the costly exercise of ripping and replacing existing systems

Ability to scale provides more predictability for ongoing costs

security camera over office

Gain visibility into the ROI of your security spend


Determine effectiveness of field resources and allocate them toward more proactive assignments


Identify high performers, adjust standard operating procedures, and evaluate security program designs


Dashboards provide details about the efficacy of GSOC operations and the ROI it provides to the business

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