Optimize your security operations with data-driven insights

GSOC operators are managing multiple applications simultaneously, often switching between software platforms, video feeds, incoming alarms, and much more. Streamlining response and bringing various systems together is a small step, but optimized security operations should be the gold standard. 

Bring data to the forefront of your security strategy


Data-driven insights can give security leaders the information they need to make better decisions about technology investments and resourcing

Time to resolve, incident counts, false alarm numbers, device health, and more can be tracked and managed to better allocate focus for operators
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Optimize through existing technology


Rip-and-replace cycles are expensive and can mean more training and resources devoted to the adoption of technology. Incorporating existing systems means more streamlined training and less time to onboard new operators.


The HiveWatch® GSOC OS brings your video and access control solutions together into a single platform that allows you to save time context switching from multiple applications


How the HiveWatch® GSOC OS optimizes security operations

Data-driven security program insights

Embedded standard operating procedures for consistent, streamlined response

Guard and operator performance metrics

Provides false positives by incident type and device

Monitors device health to ensure maximum uptime


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Hyper-growth Tech Company

As a forward-thinking technology company entering a phase of hyper-growth, this customer is saving $28 million over 3 years with the help of the HiveWatch® GSOC OS.

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