HiveWatch vGSOC

The HiveWatch® virtual global security operations center (vGSOC) is an in-house, state-of-the-art GSOC that provides oversight to organizations with limited security resources.


Leave the day-to-day operations to us


Ideal for organizations with limited security resources or those looking to make changes to their existing programs

Lower operational costs and focus on critical security projects with the daily operational tasks being monitored remotely

Leverage the HiveWatch® vGSOC while building your security operations center to ensure a seamless transition

Utilize the tenure and expertise of HiveWatch's virtual GSOC operators 


Benefits of the HiveWatch vGSOC

Get HiveWatch's in-house state-of-the-art GSOC, powered by the HiveWatch® GSOC OS, along with a fully trained team.


Oversee your existing access control systems and video streams


Ability to dispatch guards and quickly communicate with local emergency services

Alert team about device health or downed streams
24/7 staffing & program development

Risk intelligence including situational awareness, social media monitoring, travel tracking, and critical communications. 


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