Protect real estate investments with security operations management technology

Real estate investors – whether commercial or residential – require protections around their investments. Faced with occupancy challenges since the pandemic, these organizations are looking for ways to maximize physical security investments while using technology to improve their bottom line.

Scale security as growth happens


Consolidate security operations across an organization’s portfolio of sites to significantly reduce overall spend

Bring newly built/acquired sites “online” without significant investment into infrastructure or costly rip-and-replace

Bring data and value into the equation


KPIs and metrics provide management companies with valuable insights into multiple locations and systems, response times, incident occurrences, and false alarms, giving a more holistic view


Operational investment allows property management companies/owners to sell streamlined security to the tenant


Better respond to incidents quickly and efficiently


Orchestrate guard dispatch via the Guard Mobile App with more context (including video) when compared to traditional radios

Built-in standard operating procedures provide next steps for guards/operators in the event of an incident or emergency
Emergency services communication within the HiveWatch® GSOC OS automatically routes calls to first responders based on location of incident

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Intelligent, Efficient, and Scalable Security for Real Estate Interests

Protect tenants and visitors, prevent theft and vandalism, bring together disparate technologies, and manage multiple locations using the HiveWatch® GSOC OS.

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