Energize security operations with HiveWatch

The HiveWatch® GSOC OS enables security teams in the energy and utilities sectors to increase workplace safety and security, streamline operations and response, and comply with sector regulations.

Minimize security risks to critical sites 


Data-driven insights into incidents, response times, and more offer security leaders the ability to shift resources as needed

Quickly detect and respond to tailgating in critical areas to proactively address potential threats
Reduce false alarms to ensure resources are readily available when real incidents occur

Real-time communication with guards and emergency responders


Emergency services communications in the HiveWatch® GSOC OS enables operators to reach the right first responders in the event of an incident


Communicate directly with guarding resources through the Guard Mobile App, which provides real-time updates, associated video, and information about an event


Use Guard Tours to enhance field resource coverage and oversight across a perimeter

Guard Roaming 2

Protect critical infrastructure with security operations management


Easily train GSOC operators with an intuitive platform and embedded standard operating procedures to guide response

Gather critical insights into response times, incident types, adherence to SLAs for guarding resources, and more
Enhance protection with device health monitoring to ensure critical incidents aren’t missed because of faulty hardware

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Learn how HiveWatch can elevate your security programs and technology with one powerful, easy-to-use platform.