Embedded Standard Operating Procedures

Access customized SOPs in a centralized, easily accessible location (within the HiveWatch platform). 


The value of SOPs at your fingertips


improve efficiency and response times while accessing the SOPs within the same platform you use to manage security incidents.


limit context switching between multiple systems during an incident.


increase training effectiveness by streamlining next steps within the HiveWatch® GSOC OS for operators to follow.

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How it works


Upload your SOPs directly into the HiveWatch® GSOC OS platform, creating a central repository for your security documentation


The SOPs are connected to specific event types, which allows operators to reference relevant SOPs while responding to an incident without leaving the platform


Next steps are provided, guiding the operator step-by-step through the SOP in real-time 


Easily close out events and follow up with relevant departments using SOPs to ensure resolution

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Additional Resources


Embedded Standard Operating Procedures

Covering why SOPs are so important for a GSOC, the value of embedded SOPs, and how this feature works within HiveWatch. 

Product information

Embedded SOPs

Embedded Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) is an add-on feature that gives operators the ability to navigate through customized next steps for response in the event of an incident – all within the HiveWatch platform.


How to Get Buy-in for the HiveWatch GSOC OS

This guide will help you make a case with stakeholders for the ways your organization will benefit from the HiveWatch® GSOC Operating System.


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