HiveWatch® GSOC Operating System


The HiveWatch® GSOC Operating System unites information, resources, access control systems, and camera solutions, enabling more streamlined communications between field resources and operators. This makes it easier for GSOC operators to respond to and detect threats.


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Connect disparate systems

Easily incorporate access control and video solutions into a centralized platform to enable more visibility across the organization

Ease of configuration allows for more hands-on approach to program management

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Reduce false alarms


Reduce the number of incoming false alarms and distracting noise


Get alerts to actual events to speed up operator response

Easily identify offline or malfunctioning devices to enable maximum uptime

Centralize security resources

Centralize the storage of standard operating procedures (SOPs) to help guide GSOC operators during specific incidents

Easily store site snapshots for more effective communication

Access incident data and use it to build cases for future investigations

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Streamline incident response and management


Enable better communication between GSOC operators and field resources through the HiveWatch® GSOC OS and the Guard Mobile App


Directly contact local 911 or emergency services automatically routed by incident location, to reduce response time during an emergency

Seamlessly manage incidents using embedded SOPs, collect real-time data and info, and use case management to ensure effective investigations
Case Management on Computer

Communicate effectively with field resources

Share critical data and information generated from the HiveWatch® GSOC OS with field resources through the Guard Mobile App

Design and execute Guard Tours through the Guard Mobile App for better oversight

Create incidents manually through the Guard Mobile App with additional data, such as photos 


Gain better insights into your security program


Program insights and metrics create a baseline for reporting the effectiveness of your security program


Make more informed decisions about staffing and resources with more info about time to resolve, time to acknowledge, performance trends, incident types, and much more

Easily export data for better visibility for executives
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HiveWatch® GSOC Operating System

The HiveWatch® GSOC OS connects disparate systems, streamlines communication, optimized workflows, and allows security leaders to create a more effective security program.

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