Take your physical security team to the next level

Keeping people, assets, and the brand safe from internal and external threats is the main role of the physical security team – and you need the right tools and resources that not only achieve this, but provide value to the business. 

Keep people and assets safe while reducing spend


Unify disparate systems into a single pane-of-glass view of your security posture – without having to rip and replace legacy systems

Gain immediate visibility into ongoing security incidents with the Guard Mobile App

Gather critical insights into the performance of your GSOC operators and security program overall


Map security back to the business for greater ROI


Reduce administrative burdens by introducing technology that streamlines the collection and analysis of data into actionable insights for security teams


Streamline how data is used across the business to enhance facilities management, marketing, and operations and gain additional buy-in (and budget!)

Spend less money on field resources and guarding services by leveraging program data to optimize response and oversight
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HiveWatch Computer and Mobile

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Learn how HiveWatch can elevate your security programs and technology with one powerful, easy-to-use platform.