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There's a huge misconception when it comes to handling false alarms and noise reduction: there is no "one size fits all" (or will quiet all) approach. See how HiveWatch is doing it differently. 

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This calculator assumes a false alarm rate of 85%, wage of an operator at $30/hour, and time to respond to a false alarm at 8 minutes.

The HiveWatch Approach

HiveWatch approaches noise differently than the solutions currently offered on the market.


Analyze not only the systems being used, but the individual customer's data to determine the most accurate and productive path forward.


Machine learning is used to dramatically reduce false alarms and excess noise (up to 98%).


report on your baseline noise, where its coming from, and the best way to solve for it. 

Incidents 2

Why fix your false alarm problem NOW?

Alarm fatigue happens when alarms keep coming and "The Alarm Who Cried Wolf" gets ignored.

missed incidents as alarms that are legitimate become ignored due to overload.

focus on more critical security initiatives which could ultimately improve the health and efficiency of your security program.

Hive Watch

“We were getting as many as 305 alarms on just one device a week, and now we’re down to about 25. That’s a monthly noise reduction of 91% freeing up hours of our operator’s time to focus on more strategic initiatives.”

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