Empowering manufacturing through technology and innovation

Often driven by technology, manufacturing facilities require continuous oversight to combat unauthorized access, risks to machinery, and theft and vandalism. The HiveWatch® GSOC OS acts as a force multiplier for security leaders across the manufacturing space, allowing innovation to rule.

Ensure ongoing security coverage with device health monitoring


Supply chain disruption is a real concern for manufacturing facilities, so ensuring the health of devices meant to provide oversight is crucial

Quickly identify and address surveillance cameras or access control readers to maximize uptime and ensure coverage during an incident 

Strengthen oversight by connecting disparate systems


Bring video and access control together to strengthen identification and response to unauthorized access to a facility


Be alerted to and address tailgating into a facility to restrict access to unauthorized individuals


Features built for manufacturing facilities


Noise reduction addresses false alarms and allows security operators to focus on legitimate threats to the organization

Embedded standard operating procedures provide next steps directly in the platform, streamlining training and response
Program insights and metrics provide security leaders with valuable insights that help drive decisions around resourcing and staffing needs

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