make an impact

Make an Impact

HiveWatch is a tech-forward, inclusive organization leading the evolution of the physical security industry with innovation and collaborative problem solving. We are passionate about the problems we’re addressing for our customers and equally passionate about the company we’re building. We’re looking for diverse perspectives to come to the table and help define what “keeping people safe” really is.

Company Values



Each person is hired at HiveWatch for their uniqueness. This includes their uncommon and individual perspectives, background, diversity, personality, and interests.



One of the hardest things for people in the security industry to do is to be transparent. Creating a transparent environment means keeping employees at all levels of the organization in the loop, sharing the wins and the losses, and welcoming honest and open feedback.


& Value People

In order to be in the business of keeping people safe and solving the most difficult and pertinent social problems - you first need to value people. We believe you need to recognize the person - not just their work.


Passion for
Safety & Security

HiveWatch’s mission is to empower organizations to protect their people through the intelligent orchestration of their physical security programs. Security and safety is at the forefront of every product enhancement and innovation that happens at HiveWatch.



Revolutionizing safety and security means striving to be a leader in technology innovation. We’re here to build something really cool AND impactful by leaning into the leading-edge and state of the art - not the status quo.


a Growth Mindset

We ask our employees to embrace a growth mindset by getting uncomfortable in their environment, appreciating their colleagues’ background and creativity, challenging their own assumptions and ideas, as well as those of peers, and championing an atmosphere where divergence is celebrated.

Hear from the Team

Katina Lara

Katina Lara


“In the past when it came to investing my time and energy into a particular company, I’d often feel under appreciated, overworked, and underpaid. For the first time in my life I actually feel like a valued employee. The thing I love most about this company is that I am encouraged to reach for higher goals. HiveWatch is a company that wants their employees to succeed.”

Jordan Hill

Jordan Hill


“At HiveWatch, you don’t have to choose between working on new technologies and solving meaningful problems. Everyday we’re bringing different perspectives and skills together to redefine how we keep people safe. With the turmoil in the world today, the mission at HiveWatch makes me feel like I’m making a difference.”


Being on our team you get a number of benefits


Flexible Schedule

Work from home when you need to, come in to collaborate and get out of your house.


Family Friendly

We get it - that dance recital is important to us if it’s important to you.


Health Benefits

Comprehensive medical, dental,


Flexible Vacations

Unlimited PTO for salaried employees (and the ability to actually take it!).

HiveWatch CAREs

HiveWatch is here to help your security team pivot from chasing threats to preventing them. We protect organizations, people, and property through the intelligent orchestration of their physical security programs. With better communication, more insights, and less “noise”, we are modernizing what it means for businesses and their employees to truly feel safe.

To deliver on this mission, we empower our employees to challenge the status quo, provide their unique point of view, and leave fear at the (access controlled) door. HiveWatch enables its employees to CARE for themselves, and each other through unique programs crafted by HiveWatch employees themselves.

  • We Celebrate our diverse workforce and the unique communities within HiveWatch.
  • We Assist the varying needs of our employees, from maintaining a work-life balance, to encouraging personal aspirations.
  • We Respect one another through our interactions and set personal boundaries.
  • We Embrace equity through our policies and practices of hiring, promoting, and offering benefits that take care of the whole person, not just the worker.

Open Positions

Join us in changing how companies keep their people safe.