Scalable security made for event and entertainment venues

Event venues, arenas, and stadiums are turning to HiveWatch to increase the impact and efficiency of their existing security systems and programs, while offering a safer environment for patrons and employees. The result? Keeping people safe to enjoy concerts, sporting events, and entertainment. 

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Protect critical areas of a stadium at all times


Assure officers are visiting checkpoints, doing their rounds, and performing as expected with Guard Tours

Orchestrate officer dispatch via the Guard Mobile App with more context (including video) for more efficient, intelligent, and timely response in the event of an incident or emergency

Officers can create security or facility related incidents complete with photos via the Guard Mobile App 


Scale security based on the needs of the venue


Reduce false alarms up to 90%, allowing operators to reduce fatigue and focus on high-impact security initiatives and real-time alarm response

Spend less money on field resources by leveraging program data to optimize response and oversight

Automate real-time detection in sensitive areas to deter bad actors from entering/tailgating secure spaces, such as locker rooms, staging areas, and VIP access areas


Keep critical technology online and optimize operator response

Identify faulty devices and monitor their health to quickly identify and mitigate possible security vulnerabilities that may be exploited

Keep track of repeated bad actors and share that information with other local venues

Gain real-time insights into your security program with metrics dashboard that can help event security leadership make smarter decisions for staffing and resourcing during events


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Intelligent, Efficient, and Scalable Security for Large Venues

Large event spaces and entertainment venues have unique challenges for protecting patrons and staff from harm. That's why they require a unique platform to bring disparate systems together and make guard communication easier. 


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Learn how HiveWatch can elevate your security programs and technology with one powerful, easy-to-use platform.