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The HiveWatch Guard Mobile App connects your field resources (guards) to your operations center without the need for expensive radio solutions or cumbersome call sheets.



Seamless Coordination
Situational Awareness
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seamless coordination

The HiveWatch Guard Mobile App enables security guards and field resources to communicate directly with GSOC Operators and Program Managers through Voice Messages to quickly resolve incidents.

Guards can see when new incidents occur near their posts, which guards are addressing them, and their position, to improve response tactics.

situational awareness

Guards receive detailed context surrounding active incidents including precise location and video clips, saving valuable response time and increasing situational awareness.

situational awareness

Assess performance to identify high performers, adjust standard operating procedures, and evaluate security program designs.

situational awareness

Quickly onboard for both large and small guard forces utilizing our iOS or Android apps. No need for expensive radio systems or confusing call sheets.

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